Melissa Edwards, CMA

Melissa 8 x 10Melissa is our very special Office Manager and Dr. Willens’ Certified Medical Assistant.  She is in charge of scheduling, billing, staffing, compliance, patient care and so much more.  If you have questions, she is your “go-to” lady.

Our patients know that she is not only dedicated and always available, but she is kind, sensitive, and deeply cares about our patients.  The practice is truly her calling and she is our patient’s biggest advocate.

She was recently asked how she feels about her work.  She replied, “I would like people to know how important my work is to me; how much I want them to succeed in their lives.”

She continued, “I want people to know I am their biggest cheerleader and I will also be the one to put my arm around them and listen when they feel no one else will.”

These beautiful words express her heart and character.  She has immeasurably helped shape our practice to make it more of a home than a clinic.  She is a pleasure to have as part of our wonderful team.

Her bright smile and cheerful attitude are at your service when you choose to be have care with us.




3003 Claire Lane Building 100 Jacksonville, Florida 32223 904-683-2596