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Auto Accident Injuries

If you have been in a car wreck here in Jacksonville, Florida, please contact us right away. We are experts in treating these sorts of injuries as well as the severe, chronic pain that can follow from an auto crash.

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Personalized Treatment

The Car Accident Doctor

Many patients looking for a “Car Accident Doctor” in Jacksonville, Florida don’t really know where to turn.

If you’ve recently been in a Motor Vehicle Crash and need medical attention, you must seek care with a physician and make a claim within 14 days or you may forfeit benefits. A Chiropractor visit alone will NOT protect your rights to get the full benefits of your policy.

Many patients get very frustrated because their own doctors will not accept PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance from automobile crashes. Please know that we take all Auto Insurances for injuries sustained in an automobile accident.

Car Accident Injuries deserve their own special page in order to explain just some of the elements that make these injuries unique. We have a great deal of experience in guiding you through this difficult process.

Dr. Willens is a Board Certified Interventional Pain Management Physician able to diagnose and treat all traumatic injuries.

We will see you TODAY for an evaluation and to start any needed treatment. We always start with easy, highly effective, and painless treatments such as Osteopathic Manual Medicine (similar to chiropractic), Massage and Physical Therapy.

We are uniquely able to serve our patients by evaluating and diagnosing immediately if you have been seriously injured and need more than just routine treatment.  If left untreated, unrecognized or ignored, severe injuries are much more likely to be chronic in nature.  As fully trained Board Certified Anesthesiologists and Pain Management physicians, we are uniquely qualified to recognize, diagnose and promptly treat these potentially devastating injuries.

Car Accident Neck Pain

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Personal Injury Protection

Our staff is well trained in compliance and billing for Auto (Personal Injury Protection: PIP) Insurance. It is critically important to initiate Interventional Pain Management treatment as soon as possible for ANY PAINFUL CONDITION following trauma. Studies clearly show that failure to have interventions for pain within 3-6 months following the inciting injury, dramatically increases the probability of suffering with pain permanently. This is why it is vitally important to get treatment right away.

Car Accident Neck Pain

Patients injured in a Motor Vehicle Crash need to understand the implications for treatment under an Auto Personal Injury Policy (PIP.) Physically, injuries sustained in all traumatic events may be similar. However, there are important legal and financial considerations that are triggered when an injury occurs as a result of the use, maintenance or otherwise as a result of an automobile: a claim under PIP.

First of all, the patient needs to know that there are important deadlines to seek treatment under the new legislation. You must be seen by a physician within 14 days to protect your benefits.

Second, it is important to understand that only a limited amount of money is available for treatment. Under the new rules, Emergency Medical Conditions may provide up to $10,000. An individual not diagnosed with an Emergency Medical Condition has a limit of $2,500. Further, a chiropractor may not diagnose a patient with an Emergency.

Dr. Michael Willens serves as a consultant for many primary care physicians, chiropractors, neurologists, physical therapists, and surgeons to ensure that no condition goes undiagnosed or untreated.

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    Hamda Ababseh
    Hamda Ababseh
    Dr Michel is the best we love you doctor Michael and his team thay are very
    Joyce Rooker
    Joyce Rooker
    Dr. Willens is a very good physician, he really surprised me when he went out of his way to resolve a situation, this lets me know also that he is fair and does care about his patients. I found out that if a problem does arise, let him know and he will if possible make it right. He is the best doctor my husband has seen.
    lisa cooper
    lisa cooper
    This office and staff have been a Godsend for me- I was in pain all the time and did not want to be on heavy pain meds- I have had a treatment plan with injections and I have become almost pain free- it is good not to hurt all the time and my quality of life is so much better- The staff is awesome! Always there to answer any questions and are great at scheduling because everything is on time- THANKS for a wonderful experience
    Frances McCrary
    Frances McCrary
    Dr. Willens was recommended to me for a persistant back problem that had not been helped by other doctors. I found him very compassionate in listening to me as I described my chronic pain and frustration in not finding relief from other treatments. He then made suggestions about what he could do to ease the pain and we agreed on a treatment plan. I would have no problem recommending him to others. Also his staff is very friendly, understanding, and efficient.
    Selena Holmes
    Selena Holmes
    I cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. I have been a patient of Dr. Willens office for years now. Also the staff is always friendly and courteous. They always have smile's on their faces. I can't begin to say how much Dr. Willens has helped me through the years and I appreciate him so much. They always go beyond the bare minimum. He offers many different treatment options. When I first started going there I was a mess and I was in so much pain everyday. I felt pretty hopeless and like my pain had taken over my life. Now I am working out everyday, a lot healthier, and most of all I have hope (with a lot less pain).He offers many options, and does procedures in the comfort of his office. Dr.Willens and his staff are more than just another doctor's office to me, but more like family to me. It is a place to get results. If you're experiencing pain everyday and you're really looking for a solution then you shouldn't hesitate to call them.
    Charlene Robbins
    Charlene Robbins
    Dr. Willens and his staff are the best (especially Melissa)! I have degenerative disc disease, resulting in pain from my neck to my tailbone. I could not have gotten through the last several years without Dr. Willens. He actually listens to and works with the patient to come up with a treatment plan that is best for them. I would recommend Advanced Pain Management to anybody who is struggling with chronic pain, or just healing from an injury.
    Annette Polson
    Annette Polson
    I have been a patient of Dr. Willen's for several years. Consistently I've been treated with the greatest of respect, kindness, and compassion. Dr. Willens, Melissa, and his entire staff set the bar very high with patient care being their number one priority. The office atmosphere is warm and friendly and the office itself is beautiful and calming (from the reception and waiting area to the exam and treatment rooms) and exceptionally clean. Dr Willens is unique in the sense that he is concerned with the person as a whole - not just the injury, illness or condition that brings a patient into the office. There is no quick fix for chronic pain; and as my condition changes, so do my treatment options/plans and goals. Dr Willens cares to take his time to get to know his patients. At each and every one of my visits, he asks me how I am doing and he listens to what I have to say. No matter how busy he may be, he is attentive and I never feel rushed . I always leave the office feeling better mentally as well as physically. Melissa and the office support staff are the best. They make you feel more like family or a friend rather than just a patient. I'm thankful to Dr. Willens and everyone at Advanced Pain Management for making such a positive difference in my life. Not only my pain but my overall, day to day, quality of life has greatly improved. Every doctor's office should strive for the same level of excellence and patient satisfaction.
    Kayln Kessell
    Kayln Kessell
    I have been a patient of Dr. Willens since Jan of 2018 and I continue to see him regularly for pain control related to several musculoskeletal disorders/issues as well as fibromyalgia . I have said it before and I’ll say it again, Dr. Willens is an angel and brought me back to my most normal self possible with the use of injections, non-opioid medications and physical therapy. And that’s another plus of visiting his office, it’s a one stop shop for all pain relief. As I go throughout my day to day routines at home and work now , where my pain is little to none, I look back at when I first came to see Dr. Willens and was in pain 24/7 and at a constant pain level of 6-9 , and I still am in amazement by his expertise. I love you guys !